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Check out our case studies and learn about all the amazing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion initiatives we’ve helped bring to light. 

EDI Assessment 

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Assessment analyzes your organization’s current practices and gives you an overall score on the Veza Global EDI Maturity Model.Veza Global will identify opportunities, create a customized strategy and a roadmap with actionable recommendations to help you achieve your EDI goals.


ASCEND (Applied Skills Curriculum to Empower Newcomer Development)  is an employment readiness program by the Immigration Employment Council of British Columbia (IEC-BC). The IEC-BC teamed up with Veza Global to launch a specialized and interactive programme to teach newcomers to Canada the key soft skills Canadian employers look for in hiring.

HR Tech Group

Veza Global and HR Tech Group have partnered up to collaborate on the Diversity & Inclusion HUB, the Canadian tech industry’s #1 destination for best-in-class D&I resources and tools. This library of online freely available resources aimed to elevate diversity and inclusion of underrepresented groups in the tech sector.

Veza Focuses on Addressing Systemic Barriers to Economic Equity

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Latest Articles

Confidently Managing Conflict Is a Non-Negotiable Leadership Skill

Confidently Managing Conflict Is a Non-Negotiable Leadership Skill

Conflict management is one of the greatest skills a leader can have. In times where societal pressures are impacting our businesses and each of our employees, emotions run high. A lot of people are experiencing triggers from their past that are directly affecting their work experience.

Creating A Culture Of Loyalty

Creating A Culture Of Loyalty

Currently, most of our clients are dealing with large numbers of staff turnover as the Great Resignation is upon us.

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