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Resources and tools to grow your own leadership qualities or foster diversity in your organization

Leadership Resources

By fostering and nurturing the leadership qualities within individuals, we help people move out of their own way and into lives of alignment and purpose. Get access to a number of Veza Community leadership coaching resources and courses to unlock your own potential.

Leadership Guide

Want to change your life over the next year? The Women of Culturally Diverse Backgrounds Leadership Guide is a 12-month journaling guide designed to help you gain clarity on how where you come from impacts who you are, where you’re going, and how to set yourself up to get there – month by month.

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Corporate Resources

Veza is committed to creating space for diverse individuals to rise into positions of leadership. Our corporate tools and resources support well intentioned companies in improving their hiring, retention and promotion of diverse people.

Diversity Toolkit

Our toolkit helps innovative companies build diverse teams, equitable systems, and inclusive products & workplaces. Created to support companies with limited human resources team members, the Veza Community Diversity Toolkit can help your business get the competitive edge meaningful diversity policies provide.

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