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Leadership Coaching

Veza coaching is for women with a deep sense of purpose who are ready to make an impact on this world.

We take an emotional intelligence (EQ) and spiritual approach to help you step outside of your mind, step outside of your belief system, and step IN to your true divine power. Using EQ techniques, we dive into leadership skills to explore how culture impacts the individual and learn how to heal the women in your family, so that you can take inspired action.


Veza consulting works with organizations to develop strategies that achieve a rich workplace culture honoring diversity as an integral component of the organization’s blueprint.

Together, we develop an internal community within the organization that impacts the external community (clients) – the strengths, experiences and knowledge of the employees work in harmony, giving the organization its best opportunity to thrive in our diverse society.


Veza’s events are both collaborative and community focused environments for like-minded women.  

Each event is an opportunity to dive within yourself, expand your knowledge, and connect with women who have similar interests (and genuinely support your growth.) These are geared toward women of various backgrounds to encourage different thought perspectives that diversify thoughts and directly impact success.


Veza engages with large and small audiences on topics that are valuable for all communities. We work with not-for-profit organizations, group programs, and networking groups to address the topics of Diversity and Inclusion. 

Past Workshops have included the Canadian Immigrant Multicultural Women’s Fair, Professional Women’s Network, Women in Tech Regatta, various corporate and not for profits, women’s fairs and high school career days.

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