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By fostering and nurturing the leadership qualities within individuals, we help move them to feel as if they belong within organizations.

veza’s Mission is to create and inspire change for the face of leadership.

By fostering and nurturing the leadership qualities within individuals, we help move them to feel as if they belong within organizations. Not only does this increase participation in promotions, opt ins, and special projects, it also creates a new level of confidence so they can excel.

At the individual level, we’ve worked with managers, professionals, and individual women to step out of their minds, out of their belief systems, and step INTO their true divine power. Using emotional intelligence techniques, we empower women to step into their leadership potential.

At the organizational level, we support, create, and provide leadership training to implement programs that support the strong candidate pipeline and retention of women leaders.

Here at veza, we aim to help individuals step into their power and own their body, mind, and soul. Our mission is to create community through embracing diversity and we are here to work with (and learn from) one another.

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Group Programs

At the heart of veza’s group coaching programs, is a community focused approach where individuals come together on various career and business related topics. Through veza’s exclusive Mastermind Program, you get access to private facebook groups, topic-related workbooks, accountability partners, and coaching via mini masterminds with Manpreet Dhillon.

Mastermind with Wine

Monthly Networking Event

This monthly virtual Mastermind for Women of Cultural Backgrounds covers topics like Imposter Syndrome, Feminine and Masculine Leadership, Giving Permission for Self-Care, and other topics. It’s open to all women.

Self-Paced Programs

veza’s self-paced career and business coaching is for women with a deep sense of purpose who are ready to make a bigger impact on this world.

We take a spiritual approach to help you step outside of your mind, step outside of your belief system, and step IN to your true divine power. Using emotional intelligence techniques, we dive into leadership skills to explore how culture impacts the individual.

Along with deep personal and spiritual work, veza’s self paced coaching helps you develop strategies for working with teams, landing your next promotion, and navigating your career path.

Working individually with Manpreet also grants you access to special bonuses and access to the private Facebook groups and group coaching programs.

Feminine Leadership Guide

Designed specifically for women of cultural backgrounds, this guide takes you on a month-by-month journey to explore and activate your innate feminine leadership qualities. By uncovering your true gifts, strengths and bigger vision, you’ll open yourself up to new opportunities to do the work you’re meant to and create the life you truly want.


The Business Strategy Day allowed me to take a step back and really spend time on working on the long term goals and objectives I want to set for my business. Now I have the important pieces mapped out to develop my business strategy for this year, instead of just focusing on tactics all the time. Through discussions, careful thought, and really working on the “why” of my business, I was able to get to the heart of what my business means and offers. This day brought my passion and dedication to my business back into focus!
Manveet Lail

Marketing Consultant

“Getting a coach was the best decision I ever made.  I signed up thinking it would help in my business.  Not only has it helped get my business off the ground but it has totally changed my relationships as a wife and a Mom.  I am living the life of my dreams and best of all I am inspiring my children to do the same.”
Bippan Dhillon

Co-Founder / CEO, Love on Paper

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