Purpose. We hear the word often, but what does it mean for you? Many of us feel that finding our life purpose will cause everything to come into alignment and we will be truly happy. Even Mark Twain has a famous quote: “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” Don’t you think it is time to connect into your “why?”

Here are three techniques that I have used to discover and reconnect to my own purpose (and would love to hear how they work for you!)

1. Journaling. Free journaling allows your deeper thoughts to come through. When seeking your purpose, try journaling in the following way:

  • Highlight times in your life where you felt you made a major contribution.
  • Make a list of compliments you have received and identify the pattern in those compliments – Were they along the same lines? Did they resonate? Why?
  • Reflect on what comes easily to you. What feels most natural?

2. Meditation. After journaling, shift into a meditation. I enjoy meditating with ocean waves (theta waves are great!) as this allows for a deeper meditation. In my practice, I set the intention to connect in with my best self (Here’s a meditation that guides you to connect with your best self.)

3. Ask others. Take the time to ask others what they think you are good at. Ask trusted sources who will be honest. In my conversations, I have asked these questions:

  • Where do you feel that I shine? In what environments? What has been going on in my life at that time?
  • What benefit(s) do you think I bring to this world?
  • How have I impacted your life?

These questions will allow for an honest conversation and a deeper connection with the person as well.

If you want to dig deeper into your purpose, download our complimentary Worksheet for Identifying Your Interests, Values, and Strengths, which will give you more insight into how you can bring your life more into alignment with what brings you meaning.