Today, Veza Global turns six years old. Funnily enough, this was the day my dad was journeying to immigrate to Canada. I didn’t clue into the significance of that until this morning. My father wanted a better life for his family and took a leap of faith. He and my mom created a strong foundation for my brother and I. It is serendipitous that my company, where I aim to give others a better life, was incorporated at the same period.

As immigrants in a new country where they didn’t know the language, they have the story of many others like them. Learning the culture, constantly stretching themselves and growing, putting their ego aside so they can do what they need to provide for their families.

The strength and perseverance of immigrants and refugees are admirable. They focus on the goal and how to enjoy life while attaining it.

I lost that vision over time. It is so easy to be caught up in the next thing, what is bigger and better. Sometimes, we need to pause, reflect and be. That is where the joy shows up again.

So, in that joy, we are giving away not one but TWO – Three (3) month one-to-one coaching packages worth $5000. All you need to do is fill out this form.

We must celebrate the moments we can to bring light into the world. Celebrating milestones is different in each culture. What we celebrate is also different.

I have gone to many kid’s super fun birthday parties. I would have loved to throw Veza a 6-year-old birthday party with games and toys; however, it wouldn’t fly the same way. 🙂

So, instead, I ask you to celebrate by inviting someone to apply for one of these pro-bono coaching packages. Let’s help someone else create a stronger foundation for their life like my parents did for me.

Here are some resources they can dive into so they decide whether I am the coach for them:

Webinar: Advocating for yourself as a woman of color

Read about coaching approaches and me here

Watch me on Youtube


Manpreet provided me with a soundboard, strategy and a recommendation that was pivotal to my career. Coaching with her fostered a deeper insight into myself and how I show up as a leader and a manager. She understands how to navigate organizational politics while focusing on my well-being. While her coaching focuses more on emotional intelligence, I came away with tangible action steps from our sessions. “

SK – Global Director, Fortune 500 company

The giveaway is open from October 24 – 31, 2023. The winners will be notified on November 1st.

Here is the form to apply for the giveaway.

I urge you to celebrate YOU today as well.