Yes again those two words-celebrate and have gratitude. Aren’t they cliche yet?

They are buzz words that we hear constantly in the personal development but they have such power to them so maybe people know what they are talking about.

Celebration is the acknowledgement of any small joy or success. Maybe you found the paper clip you were looking for, celebrate it! The more celebrate, more you release good feelings and endorphins so the more you attract more good things. Like attracts like. Like attracts unlike when we are talking polarities in masculine/feminine but that is a whole different topic.

In the last few months I have learnt that celebrating my life and the life of others around me is so very important. We can mourn and be sad losses which is a natural part of the process; focusing on the celebration keeps your spirit uplifted and happier. Take a few moments each day to celebrate the small things like your favorite meal or the compliment.

Once you have celebrated, be in gratitude and thank the universe for it showing up. Gratitude is one of the highest vibration that a human can be in so live in a place where you are thankful for all experiences, people and things. Some may constantly say thank you to the trees and water while others may take three things that they are grateful for everyday.

So today find two things to celebrate and be in gratitude. Start this daily practice and start noticing shifts in yourself and your life!

Thank you for reading and supporting Into Essence Coaching:)