It comes a time as an individual or an organization where we are pulled to grow. For an individual the time comes when they are faced with an opportunity that will make them step outside their comfort zone. For an organization, it may come when a key individual stands in their truth and makes a decision to move forward.

How do you feel when you are called to step into truth of what your next steps may be? Are you scared, frightened and worried about what others may say? Yes this happens within organizations as well. Organizations have feelings and identities. Many times clients and relationships are built with a person within the organization and not the organization themselves. If the individual decides to leave they may take a part of the organization with them.

For an individual it is important to remember that everything happens for the best. When are given the opportunity to grow, take a deep breath and remember what your strengths are.

For an organization, the management team must stay in a place of open communication, being pro-active and not reactive. The organization should have plans in place to have that key individual’s relationships be introduced to other people in the organization so that the relationship is with the organization and not the person. It is possible to build relationships with organizations, as long as the culture of the organization is collaborative and community building. What is the culture of your organization like?

Step into the next stage of your life with solid foundations based on trust within yourself.