Creating Inclusive Hybrid Workplaces

For many of us, we are planning or amidst our transition back to the office or a hybrid model. For some, there is a level of excitement and while for others, there is a level of anxiety. 

The excitement of being around others is wonderful for the extroverts, while the introverts are looking for new ways to manage their energy. 

Creating an inclusive hybrid workplace needs to be a practical, planned and purposeful exercise where extra attention needs to be given to accommodate in-person and remote employees. 

Below are 9 ways to be more inclusive in the hybrid workplace:

  1. Involving remote team members in meetings through inviting them (even last minute), providing video option for meetings
  2. Managing remote meetings (inclusion of those not in the room)
  3. “Transferring” water cooler chat to online chat
  4. Creating an environment where all feel valid for their choice. There is no shaming for working from home
  5. Effective performance management taking into account that rapport is harder to establish online
  6. Ensuring the right information is getting to the right individuals. It is easier to have conversations in person therefore an important piece is remembering who else needs to be a part of that conversation. 
  7. Continue regular weekly 1:2:1 check-ins and regular weekly team meetings are important to create a sense of belonging within the team. 
  8. Encourage team members to participate in cross-organisational committees and activities 
  9. Start weekly meetings with a personal check-in and breakouts where possible to engage team members in conversation. Breakouts can be to discuss key questions like:
    1. How did you feel you contributed in the last week?
    2. What is something you are proud of?
    3. What is a lesson you learned?

Always, feel free to take Veza Global Inclusion Self Assessment Quiz as way to measure where your organization is on the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion maturity model.