Argh to the feeling when you know something feels right but you don’t want to do because it doesn’t make sense in your head.

There have been so many times I have this internal battle with myself about why am I doing what feels right, it feels like it will be the best thing for me but it just doesn’t fit my plan!

I know what I want, I know how I want it but something suddenly takes me on a curved road that leads me to where I didn’t think I wanted to be.

I get upset, I get overwhelmed and I get frustrated sometimes just angry. I resist the change with every fibre of me but I know that it is absolutely the best thing for me.

Do I give in? Nope! Do I make it easier for myself? Nope! I resist and have this internal fight that puts me in a bad mood.

So how do I finally shift to accepting what feels right?

I keep checking in with my body is this the right thing for me?

If I have total confidence in the fact that it is right, I will follow my intuition even though my head disagrees with it.

I know that my gut is always right, my head can make me think a bunch of things and put me in a tailspin.

Follow your gut. Follow what your heart says. Life will be easier.

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