Virtual Fireside Chat with Zeynep Tuck, Media Producer & Brand Storyteller

Join us as we talk about the ways we can incorporate both our left and right brains – the creative and analytical approach – to our work, even if we have never considered ourselves “creatives” or “storytellers.”

Everyone has a story to tell, either about their work, personal lives, history, culture, or the way they see the world. It’s our superpower and so many of us keep it hidden because, at some point in our lives, we were told we aren’t smart enough, creative enough, or capable enough.

In this chat, we will discuss tangible steps on how to cultivate more thought leaders and empower them to tell their stories and speak from their lived experiences.photograph on the right of Manpreet Dhillon and Zeynep Tuck, on the left hand side green background with What's Your Story? Storytelling for your Life and Career in white font.  Registration through eventbrite in text.