There are so many types of families that exist.

Tribal family: the family that were born into. Growing up in a South Asian household, the tribal family was considered your first priority. Over time as we all grew our own personalities, we come to realize that we love them but maybe we are less alike than we thought.

Soul family: the people we feel absolutely connected to. When we are around them we feel a homecoming, a sense of belonging and acceptance. We may not be like each other but we understand each other.

I grew up living in a world where the approval of the tribal family was the uttermost important. “What are they going to say?,” was the question that preluded all my decision making. As I sat and reflected on decisions I wanted to make in the next little while, I decided to ask myself the questions, “what do I want?” and “would I be living my truth?” My soul family will be supportive whatever my decision is. They may not agree with my choices but they will understand it is my process, my learnings and my journey.

I encourage each of you to love your tribal family while connecting with your soul family. Both have their purposes as there is love and care there, but choose to spend your time with those who are in your own highest good.