What is your definition of success? Is it money? The job you always wanted? Being married? starting your own business? Putting a smile on someone’s face?

It is important to know the definition of your success, if you don’t know it there is a risk that you will never be successful regardless of what your position is in your company or how many millions your business makes.
Over the weekend, I had to define my own success. I realized I had made it very difficult for myself to feel that I was a success. I needed to be making a certain amount of money, I had to be a leader in various organizations, and being single meant I wasn’t a success no matter how much I achieved in my professional life.
Boy, was it ever tiring to not own my success. I realized my perception of success had me being tired, stressed, my upper back would ache and I would have headaches from worry. Luckily a few months ago, I had changed my definition of what success means to me which impacted my health very positively. This weekend was another reminder of what success now means to me.
Success to me now is when I can help someone smile. success is completing a task on my to-do list. success is being open and loving.
With my new definition of success, it is easy to feel successful each day.
I urge you to try this exercise. Define what success means to you currently and now what you would like it to me to you.
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