As you know I am doing a 30 day challenge for blogging, exercising and meditating. Well Day 4 comes along and I got thrown off track. I didn’t exercise for the 30 minutes I was supposed to. I got caught up in the day, was running late and then got so engrossed in my work that I never got to it.

At first I almost skipped today’s workout because I already messed up the 30 days. That would have been the easy way to do it.

Then I asked myself the question “Why am I doing this challenge?”

Once I got in touch with my answer, I changed into my workout clothes and decided that today I would need to do an hour to make up for yesterday.

It is easy to slip into the self punishing thoughts of “I am not good at committing to myself or my goals” and whatever comes up.

The truth was I didn’t prioritize my activities yesterday so I went off track but I am back on again today.