We are surrounded by individuals who we don’t agree with. We live in a world where we have different backgrounds, different cultures influencing us, different upbringing and different experiences that impact us in each moment. We are not going to agree on everything yet in order to create relationships where people are left feeling heard and valued, we need to have the empathy to understand what others’  perspectives.


The ability to influence change in others, especially as a manager or executive is so important. As a leader, being nice or letting things slide doesn’t work well for the individual, the leader or the team. When we don’t hold others to a higher standard we are at some level showing them that we don’t really care about them and we don’t care if they show up to the best of their abilities.


Understand where they are at

When we do want to influence change, it is important to understand what their vision is and what their obstacles are. It allows them to feel heard and respected. It helps to understand what is important to them and what is their “Why”. Aligning activities to align with their values and influence them to make the necessary changes.


Inspire them

Inspire individuals by leading by example is one of the key ways others will rise in their own roles. They are able to recognize the value of the actions that they were not taking or taking unaligned actions. Allow them to be pulled to something bigger than them that they are passionate about.


Build trust

Creating a relationship based on trust and mutual respect will lead to influence. Trust allows individuals to relax, understand the outcome from the perspective needed rather than the lens that was brought with them into the position. It also allows for an innate allyship that is so important when there is a need to influence. Trust is built on things like transparency, loyalty, integrity and honesty.


Allow them to bring their whole selves into the office

When people feel comfortable and safe, they are likely to be less guarded and open to change. Creating an environment through onboarding and cultural initiatives that support employees to express with their orientation, culture, thoughts, beliefs and way of being (within the parameters of professionalism).


Provide them safe places to speak up

As leaders within organizations, the creation of safe spaces whether they be online, anonymous or in-person are very important to the health of the organizational culture and the change management. It allows people to speak up to what may be bothering them in the workplace, provide feedback and engage with each other and or leadership. The safety of these spaces is dependent on how they feel in each of the areas:  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual attributes when they come to participate in these spaces.


Influencing change in others starts from standing in your own truth, your own power and influencing the change needed within yourself. It is from this place of discovery and strength that we can successfully create cultures of safety and belonging.