As we set off in the new year (and new decade), many of us are in the reflection and goal setting mode. We are looking at what our life was like over the past year and what we want to create now.

However, we can often get distracted from what we truly need when setting our goals. Even when we are using a great methodology (think SMART goals), we might end up reaching externally, focusing on things that will bring validation, or ignoring our inner wisdom in favour of what we THINK we should do. Or for some of us, what we think others want us to do. 

To get yourself on track for being your best self and doing your best work, you need to tune in to all aspects of your life. Examine your blindspots. See where you are out of balance. Understand why you want what you want and ask whether that is in service of who you are becoming.

We use the Veza Wheel of Life with our coaching clients to support them in this reflection. Download it and mark it up based on the level of alignment and satisfaction you have in each area of your life. Not only will it give you a benchmark for how you are starting this year, it will show you the areas of your life you have been neglecting. We recommend setting inspired actions or goals around the three lowest scoring areas, so you can bring balance to your life. After completing this exercise, you can begin your annual goal setting from a place of understanding what you truly need to grow.

Wishing you on one of the most creative, fun, abundant, loving years of your life.

Want to set 2020 up to be a year of alignment and growth? Join us for our free webinar 2020 Vision: Creating Aligned Goals for the New Year on January 8th to get coached through your visioning process. Attendees will also receive a free copy of our Goal Setting Guide (usually exclusive to our coaching clients).