Every day we have 24 hours. In this time, each of us has our priorities as to what we want to achieve and how we achieve it.

We can make the decision to achieve our priorities with ease or do we decide to take a slightly tougher road. I know you are thinking, some things just come more difficult to me. Well as the outside voice, I will tell you that is your ego protecting you.

Yes the ego. The ego is our protector, our friend, the little voice that tells us that our heart is wrong. That is the ego. We essentially waste a lot of time because the ego. It is the part of us that is scared and paralyzed as a way to keep us safe and where we are.

Do you see how much energy it is taking fighting against yourself?

There is a way that you can be your own ally. Become friends with the ego, the protector, the little voice.

For some of you, this is a weird concept so let me explain.

Take a deep breath. Now another one and now one more.
How does your body feel? Are there any parts of your body tighter than others? Become aware of those parts. Breathe into them and ask yourself “What am I holding onto?” Then ask yourself “How do I bring myself into alignment?”

Now talk to your ego self. Tell them how you love them and cherish them. Thank them for taking care of you for so long. Let the ego mind know that you are releasing them of that duty so that they can play and enjoy themselves.

Notice your energy now. Feel recharged?
By bringing yourself into alignment, you manage your energy in a more abundant manner.

Now the question is….How can you use that abundant energy to live your life purpose?