This February, all month long, we’re honouring the work of 28 inspiring leaders. Women who are drawing upon and celebrating their culture while making a lasting difference in their community using their gifts. From authors and teachers, CEOs to entrepreneurs, not-for-profit directors, artists, and more, these women are changing the face of leadership.

These are truly women to watch and veza community is so pleased to share their brilliance.

May their stories inspire YOU to rise.

Meet Baljit Rayat.

Baljit is the founder of Lotus Destiny, creator of the Lotus Destiny Star Activation Method, an Akashic Records Consultant, and teacher. She helps people to connect powerfully to their Soul’s Purpose so they can bring their gifts and talents into reality.

Over the past 11 years she has supported thousands of people around the world, guiding them back to their truth, and creating profound results in their business and relationships. She considers it her mission to take people on a journey to recover their power, love, truth, gifts, and talents, and bring them growth, courage, faith, and self-empowerment.

She is also a creative visionary who loves to DJ, loves to laugh, and likes to step out of the “cultural norms” box.

So tell us, Baljit: What inspires you most? What motivates you to get up every morning?

The knowledge that I can support someone to transform his or her life. AND the fact that I’m creating something that I am passionate about, with my own schedule… I am my own boss!

How do you feel that your actions teach or inspire others?

I think I lead by example by setting intentions and having healthy boundaries

What is one change you’d like to see in the world?

The end of sex trafficking/child trafficking. Every human being deserves to live to their highest potential.

Which of your contributions to date have given you the greatest sense of pride?

That I have facilitated readings for over 1000 people from all walks of life.

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Baljit! Learn more about her work and stay connected via her Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/lotusdestiny/, or on Instagram @lotusdestiny.

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