This February, all month long, we’re honouring the work of 28 inspiring leaders. Women who are drawing upon and celebrating their culture while making a lasting difference in their community using their gifts. From authors and teachers, CEOs to entrepreneurs, not-for-profit directors, artists, and more, these women are changing the face of leadership.

These are truly women to watch and veza community is so pleased to share their brilliance.

May their stories inspire YOU to rise.

Meet Jessica Dhaliwal.

Jessica was born in Surrey, BC. She was a curious and imaginative child who truly enjoyed her childhood, and naturally managed to filter out a lot of negativity. She has preferred to keep to herself as an observer, but she’s also interested in experiencing what it would be like to be surrounded by many. Jessica has made her decisions based on what she has wanted to do, rather than how many others are doing to same, so the gems she’s discovered have been quite barren when she discovered them. For example: she chose to go to university at TechBC, which eventually became SFU. It was a great program, and she has immersed herself in related design work until recently when she decided to do more finishing work instead.

She describes herself as a typical adventurous/rebellious/visionary/loyal Aquarius. Jessica feels that she has enjoyed a fun masculine sign (air and fire) influence for some time, but that her cranky and uptight side has taken over more ever since she discovered a connection with a Scorpio in 2011. She’s still not able to let go of Scorpios but maintains that it was the best thing that ever happened to her. It led to her focusing on a positive bucket-list of activities, believing in progress for humanity, and choosing traveling as a better direction for her energy.

So tell us, Jessica: What inspires you most? What motivates you to get up every morning?

Honestly? I’m inspired by good people.

How do you feel that your actions teach or inspire others?

I represent being real, and I stand for not doing trending things that don’t make sense, like using harmful chemicals for body products, as well as in food and for transportation purposes.

What is one change you’d like to see in the world?

I would like to see the world focus on equality, and also sensibly control population so it is a desirable place for everyone.

Which of your contributions to date have given you the greatest sense of pride?

I’ve been efficient with my design work, and I’ve been able to share my ideal visions and inspire others during my involvement in city planning.

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Jessica! Learn more about her work and stay connected via her Facebook page at: facebook.com/jezzicad , or on Twitter @jess_ik_a  

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