My journey as a coach and the coaching world

What I love about coaching

Coaching has been a journey of self-discovery for me. I started my journey in 2007 through my first coaching program at the University of British Columbia. I quickly came to realize how I had been using the coaching questions naturally through my discussions about people’s careers. I felt that the coaching questions really allowed for an individual to see their own truth and shed light into their own shadows. It was an beautiful experience seeing how individuals understood their own actions and how they developed their own future through the coaching conversations.

I found the coaching conversations to be powerful as individuals realized that the answers laid within themselves, they just need to be asked the right questions, have someone hold them accountable, provide a safe space as they explored the truth within themselves. The power of coaching would allow them to utilize the coach’s wisdom and past experience to understand their own pathway whether be it a career or personal issue. The coach had a toolkit to draw upon that may include certifications, experience, understanding of business trends/personal development trends that would impact on how the individual processed their problem. As a coach, I would be able to be a lifelong learner – which I loved as I would have the opportunity to use these skills and training in my individual or group coaching. All this excited me about becoming a coach.

My first time being coached

A few years prior to taking these coaching experience, I had experienced being a coachee. I was frustrated with my job and coaching was an avenue made available to me as an employee of the University. Through being coached, I went from a place of hating my job to be grateful and appreciated of where I was. At the same time, I had been applying for other jobs and within a month I was able to achieve my goal of moving into a management position.

I feel that coaching allowed me to become more confident and clear with my strengths. The awareness and acknowledgment of my strengths allowed me to interview from a place of self-awareness leading me to a successful outcome.

When I was ready for a promotion again, the coaching allowed me to design a pathway to gaining that promotion. I was able to define my action plans with a coach and take the necessary steps in order to move forward. Within a few months, I was able to secure the position that I would align with what I had decided for myself.

Why I love coaching

Over the years of my training as a coach, I have learnt about emotional intelligence which has always been a place of curiosity for me. I loved to understand how people think and why they do the things they do. This curiosity had me choose a coaching program specializing in emotional intelligence as it would allow me to use the background of emotional intelligence as I allowed others the space so they can understand their patterns and beliefs. With this understanding, they would be able to make the lasting changes they want in their behavior so they can have the outcome they want.

My style of coaching

Every coach has a different style. That is what makes a coach unique. My style of coaching incorporates spirituality and emotional intelligence. In coaching sessions, clients will move through meditation, conversation, exercises, visioning, writing an action plan, accessing their creative aspects to developing one page strategy plans. It all depends what the individual needs at that time. In some sessions, they may draw their mind map for their business strategy with crayons and in others they are typing out their one-pager.

Who do I most enjoy working with?

I love working with individuals who are in a place of curiosity and ready to move from a place of suffering and discomfort to a place of clarity and pleasant uncomfortableness so they can grow.

People who are willing to take the action and steps to move towards their outcomes. They are willing to do the internal work so they can see external results. People who are coachable and open to having dialogue that will leave them feeling raw and vulnerable but that is the place from where they can have lasting change. People who are willing to do whatever it takes so they can have the outcomes and life they want.


Leading a workshop into self-discovery

What is the value that coaching brings to people?

Coaching brings the value of inner peace, a clarity of purpose in life and the place where they can give themselves permission to have all that they want in life. Coaching bring a deeper sense of self-value where people realize they deserve good in their lives. Coaching brings them clarity on how to have tough conversations from a place of empowerment. Coaching allows people to feel empowered and confident in their lives. Coaching helps people move to a new place in their lives where they are happier, confident, more sure of themselves, have more money, have better relationships and greater satisfaction with life.

A story about coaching success

There are so many stories about coaching successes. Times where through one coaching conversations individuals took the action they needed to fulfill the dream that they have always wanted for themselves (they registered in the course for the certifications that would allow them the business they wanted) to successes where women realized how they wanted to be more powerful as females instead of acting like males. They discovered their power as a leader through being connected in their heart, caring about people yet still being able to focus on the bottom line. They got promotions they had always wanted and were able to raise their businesses to new levels of success. Another success would be men who were able to understand better their spiritual side and able to start having conversations about their spiritual awakening with their loved ones only to discover how much closer that brought them to each other.

What is next for you and coaching?

I love what I do. I love being able to see the transformations so I will continue to coach individuals of various cultural backgrounds so they can better understand how their culture is informing their beliefs and behaviours in order to use their culture imprints to empower them to move more into leadership positions. I want to see a shift of having a higher percentage of women of color in senior leadership and owners of successful multi-million dollar businesses. As a coach, I will continue to coach leaders in their own lives so they can contribute to the world and impact the thousands they are going to impact.