Our Approach

Veza focuses on bringing tools and resources to build diverse and inclusive teams leveraging cultural diversity, diverse abilities and promoting diverse populations in leadership. 

Diversity and Inclusion Models

Openness to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, & Belonging

The Veza Openness Model evaluates the level of openness to diversity of a given individual or an organization. The model can be used for planning purposes to understand the best approach and can be used as a measure to see how far the organization has come. The grading is based on where one or more individuals of assess their organization to be in terms of readiness for diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Veza's Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, & Belonging Maturity Model

The Veza Diversity Maturity Model is used to gauge where the organization is on their diversity journey. The model helps to identify the level of investment the organization is making to attract and retain underrepresented groups as employees, suppliers, or customers. This model works in conjunction with the Veza Assessment tool, which provides respondents with a percentage grade on the maturity model.

Inclusive Culture Model

The Inclusive Culture Model is meant to be the goal for all organizations. It is a comprehensive model to create a culture where people feel they belong, are appreciated and aligned to organizational goals. The inclusive culture model can be used as a tool to develop employee surveys and other measures of inclusive culture. 

Openness to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Model

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