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TAP Network’s Diversity and Inclusion Hub

The D&I landscape is always evolving, but the resources and tools on the HRTech D&I Hub have suggested measures to help employers create an inclusive culture. We recommend using the D&I resource hub to learn and apply what resonates with your organization

Become an Inclusive Community Member

Veza Global is here to support your organization with resources you may find helpful when navigating through everyday business with an equitable, diverse and inclusive lens.
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Inclusive Management Guide

This management guide is focused on self-awareness, as that is the beginning of being an inclusive leader. The systemic change starts with you. This guide has the following components: a values chart, communication style, management style, and reflection questions.

Anti-Racism Statement

The Anti-Racism Sample Statement provides a template for the actionable areas an organization has agreed to take to become anti-racist allies within their organization.

IDEA-B Committee Checklist

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (IDEA-B) Committee is to provide guidance, accountability, and establish/execute on IDEA-B strategy and roadmap

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Employee Branding Guide

This blueprint focuses on the employer value proposition (EVP), which is a combination of reasons why the prospective employee should work.



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Onboarding For Inclusive Culture

Onboarding is essential; it is the initial process where the new employee enters the work environment and sets the foundation for inclusive culture along with their long-term retention with the organization. This template will display a model of an inclusive culture, stages within onboarding, and a checklist to guide you through the process.
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POC Terminology Resource

The POC Terminology Resource identifies the proper terminology to address and recognize the diverse backgrounds of various groups of people.
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Free IDEA-B Self Assessment

This self-assessment provides a sample of the more comprehensive Veza IDEA-B Assessment we offer, which provides customized recommendations on how to build an IDEA-B roadmap and determine next steps

UN Women Mentoring Guide

Mentoring is an effective and increasingly popular way for private sector companies to promote women’s training and professional development, to support the implementation of Women’s Empowerment Principle 4 and to drive positive organizational culture change.

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Create Inclusive Workplaces & Communities

Click the button below to watch our YouTube video for learning about how you can do you part in creating an inclusive community and workplace.

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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion E-Learing Course

Our culture, background, experiences, personalities, the way we think, age, and education are all traits that are unique to us when it comes to the workplace and the decision-making process. This is also known as our diversity of thought. When we learn how to embrace our diversity and celebrate our differences that is when the most impactful decisions are made.

Demographics Survey Template

This guide is to provide an example of a demographics survey that can be used within organizations to have data to truly meet the needs of their programs & services for their employees. This document includes an introductory text, definition of key terms, and sample questions. 

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Religious Holidays Guideline

In order to foster inclusivity and celebrate diversity, it is important to celebrate religious holidays other than the main ones we usually see. This document outlines main religious holidays. 

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IDEA-B Strategy Template

This strategy template provides you with a clearer idea of your IDEA-B journey related to advancing on the inclusive model.

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Working Globally - Best Practices

This guide has best practices and resources to help organzations and individuals working in different regions and time zones.

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Inclusive Language Guide

Through this guide you and your organization can take the first actionable steps to ensuring everyone feels safe and accepted in the workplace. 

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Insight Meditation

Here’s an Insight meditation that reveals the truth of our thoughts and emotions, guiding us towards understanding and clarity.

VEZA Slider Inclusion Journal

Inclusion Planner and Journal

Weekly Planner and Journal to support being a Connection and Inclusion Champion

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