I have just finished reading “Stones into Schools” by Greg Mortenson and it got me engaged on the topic of living our life’s purpose.

Greg Mortenson follows his calling and his life purpose’s of building schools in order to promote education as a way to bring peace and calm to the areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. He purposely builds schools in remote areas that do not have that infrastructure.

Every time I am reminded that there are places without schools, it is astonishing to me. In my view it is a basic right that we have but I was reminded that yes this is the case. How I have taken education for granted. It got me thinking about what else I take care for granted? Unfortunately, I came up with a few things. I reminded myself to start working on my gratitude journal where I would list 3 things every day that I am grateful for.

Greg also realized he was taking a few things for granted and he decided to seize the opportunity. He felt compelled to work with the remote communities to support them in building infrastructure for their future generations.

It is always important to be aware of the opportunities presented to us and seize those opportunities. What do you feel that your calling is? How can you contribute to your community?

These are important questions that we all must ask ourselves in order to be truly fulfilled.