As we have heard many times we are in unprecedented times. The world is watching as the United States elects its next President. It will impact what happens with organizations and how individuals show up. The current election is showing the polarization that exists within our societies and communities. This current election is calling for a deep reflection as individuals and as a nation as to what will you stand up for? What do you believe in? What are you willing to let happen in your world? These questions are ones we should be asking ourselves on a regular basis as organizations and as individuals.

Many organizations are taking the stand to remain non-partisan while they want to support their staff and their resiliency stocks this time. Staff are challenging the status quo by asking to display the pride flag, examining the organizations for their commitment to equality and equity of BIPOC and asking leadership to take a stand and in some cases, any stand.

When staff are challenging the status quo, in reality they want to know they are safe and if the organization is inclusive. Employees want to make sure that their values are aligned with the ones of their company. They want to know their voice matters and they matter. It’s important to make them feel accepted no matter who they are. 

The beauty to organizations is that they are finding out what culture their staff want. They are also discovering what supports are needed to be more inclusive. This presents itself as an opportunity to organizations to reflect on their inclusivity practices. When employees are taking a stand for what they believe in this election, employers will get an insight on what culture they want to create to better support their staff. Most of all, they are finding out what will support their employees and their resiliency.

Resiliency is key when supporting your teams during change. Resiliency can be the saving grace from burn out.

4 Ways To Build Resilience in Your Team 

  1. Checklists and Guides

During times of change, you don’t want to be adding more stress to your employees. Therefore, creating checklists and guidelines can help employees have something to turn to when feeling overwhelmed. Having a standard operating procedure can help newer staff learn the procedures that are set in place. 

  1. Training

When on-boarding new employees, it’s important for them to feel comfortable and included in the organization. Having team meetings to get to know each other and develop an understanding for one another is a great way to promote cohesion amongst the team.

  1. Debriefing Sessions

During turbulent and stressful situations, it’s important to have debriefing sessions with your team. This way everyone can reflect and explain the highlights and the areas of improvement for when the next challenge may arise. Encouraging this team discussion will promote a more supportive and inclusive environment for all staff. 

  1. Work Culture

The final piece of the puzzle for resilience. Work culture. Managers should display positive behaviours in order to create an inclusive environment for all. In an inclusive environment, employees should feel safe to speak up, share bad news, reach out for help and thank their colleagues for their expertise. 

This is the time to think about inclusive culture. To think, plan and strategize on how to be more inclusive. No matter the outcome of the upcoming election, it is important and vital for your employees to feel supported and safe at their workplace. Creating a sense of belonging amongst all departments and positions will put your employees at ease during these turbulent times. 

Setting up an inclusive strategy for your organization is the first step into creating a sense of belonging and safety to your employees of diverse backgrounds and abilities. However, knowing where to start can be a daunting task. This is where Veza helps. Veza and its team of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) experts will help guide your organization through its EDI journey through our Assessment. The Assessment will help you pinpoint areas of improvement with actionable recommendations to help kickstart your organization’s EDI journey. 

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