Gratitude creates abundance

Gratitude creates abundance

For us Canadians, who were acknowledging thanksgiving, gratitude was the word of the weekend.

We inherently know when we are in gratitude, we receive more good things in our life. Gratitude creates abundance.
My gratitude practice each day includes these questions:
(I use these for planning my day for business and personal)

1. What are three things I am grateful for?
2. What do I want to create today?
3. Who do I need to be to create that? (Do I need to be confident, a leader, happy, etc)

At the end of the day:
1. What are 3 things that were great
2 how could the day been better

These simple questions allow me to be in charge of my day, prioritize my day and ensure each day is better than the last.

Spending time with others helps with our abundance?

Spending time with others helps with our abundance?

In the next few weeks, there are many exciting things happening in my life including travel and some really inspiring events (I will include links to the inspiring events on the bottom of this post). My travel all transpired organically and very last minute, which reminded me of how when we live in the flow we are easily able to manifest what we want.

I am gearing up to meet Amma in Seattle this weekend (check out my post last year on the purest love I experienced with her-http://bit.ly/12NjYza), then I am off to Hawaii and Fiji! I am living my dream of working off my laptop on an exotic beach;) All of this last minute travel has been teaching me quite a bit about myself especially around my relationship with money and people. I noticed that as I had started to spend quality time with people who I felt uplifted and inspired around, money and opportunities started to flow my way.

Queen of EarthThe Queen of Earth card below from the Angel Tarot Cards shows us how we can create magic all around us if we stay connected to our surroundings, spend quality time with individuals who we leave feeling refreshed and renewed and she especially shows us that bringing in compassion into situations allows us to have positive outcomes to challenges.

Have you realized that when you are happy and feeling healthy, that everything seems to be better? When we are in the flow of life, relationships are better, there is more opportunities coming your way and all your manifestations are coming true. Wouldn’t it be great to feel this way all the time?

It is possible that you can. It is a choice you make to “BE” happy, “BE” content and “BE” present around the people you enjoy spending time with. If you notice diverging from any of these states, ask yourself “am I avoiding intimacy,” or “how do I feel around these individuals?” I will remind you that no one can make you feel any which way, if someone makes us tired or a little negative than we are allowing someone else to determine how we feel. If you notice that you are constantly feeling a little more down around a certain person, ask yourself “what is it that they remind me of that gets me feeling anything less than positive?”

I know that this post is loaded with relationship related questions that we will unpack over the next couple of weeks as we gear up for the 4 part – call series on Attracting more Money and Live Healthier.

I will leave you off with an exercise to visit your current list of family and friends and see who you feel the most refreshed around, rejuvenated and inspired by. I would suggest spending more time around those individuals and watch how much more grateful you are towards life then!


Exciting Events coming up

June 19th – “Truths and Myths of Successful Startup Businesses” – www.byobfsuccessstartup.eventbrite.ca

Come learn from experts and entrepreneurs on tips on how to have a successful startup.


June 20th – “Wealthylicious Vancouver” – http://wealthyliciousvancouver.eventbrite.com/

Heal Your Money Stories, Activate Your Millionaire Mindset and Create Multiple Streams of Income.


July 8th – “Attract More Money and Live Healthier” – http://wp.me/P1HP20-7M

A 4 tele-call series on Attracting more Money and living healthier focusing on money mindset, and a 30-day action plan to achieve your goals. (A tele-call series is a group coaching program, where you will be provided a conference call number to dial into during call times and will be sent a recording incase you miss the live class. Email support is provided in between calls to answer all questions you may have)