Ask, Release Attachment, Receive

Ask, Release Attachment, Receive

I am sitting here in my room in London and became very aware of the fact that the things that I had requested and released attachment from, I did indeed receive. Some of things I just did not want right now others I realized I needed to be more specific.

We have heard many times that the clearer we are with our intentions, the easier it is to receive what we want. I had wanted to go to Dublin and Barcelona all year. I had set an intention that I would go. I didn’t specify when or how long I would go for nor did I specify how my experience would be when I am there.

Now I had the opportunity to go but the experience of even trying to get to either place had so many obstacles and I was trying to go for a 2 day visit to both places. I realized quickly that I had not trusted in the fact that I would get to go even if it wasn’t this time. I acted hastily therefore spent money on a lesson of trust, faith and releasing attachment.

Ideally, the intention should have been set as “I set the intention to go to Dublin and Barcelona for 4 days each, whereas the experience is inexpensive, easy, smooth, in flow, fun and more than I could have asked for in the next year.” The intention that I set was “I set the intention to go to Dublin and Barcelona because I really, really want to go.” Notice how the first intention is powerful, clear and without attachment but with trust whereas the second intention is unclear and with attachment.

Even though I was given the opportunity to go to both these places, I realized that right now was not the best time. That is okay as well, sometimes when our manifestations come to us, we realize that we do not want them now or never. It is the free will we have to decide of what we want in our life.

I now have set new intentions with both of these cities, which I trust will happen. For now, it is time to enjoy London.