Why you’re struggling to find balance in life

Why you’re struggling to find balance in life

We’re asked to put our lives into silos. Create separation between work life and home life. Between our bodies and minds. Between our hobbies and our careers. Even within our very personalities. 

Boundaries are incredibly important, but this is different. You set boundaries for yourself based on what gives you the most peace of mind. 

Silos form when we try to mold ourselves to fit society’s expectations. We can’t for one second believe that stress or conflict at home doesn’t affect our work performance or vice versa. Besides, trying to maintain these separations leaves many of us feeling exhausted and unfulfilled. The silo approach doesn’t recognize that individuals live full, whole lives that need to be nurtured to have healthy, productive, well-adjusted people thriving in our society. 

At Veza, we reject the idea that our lives can be chopped up into discrete parts. 

We know that we all carry with us at least some trauma or insecurities from our childhoods – whether that was a bad home situation, trying hard to please our parents, or being excluded/teased at school. We have internalized ideas from our cultures about what our lives should look like. We have to heal these aspects of ourselves, because even when we think we’ve moved on, those beliefs (i.e.: inadequacy, feeling unlovable) still linger under the surface. Rising up when we are under stress or get triggered. Influencing our decisions at a subconscious level. Influencing whether we believe we belong at the table and whether we have anything meaningful to say or contribute at all. 

We see the greatest success when our lives are balanced. When we care for our bodies and spirits, we are more creative and focused. When our relationships are strong and healthy, we feel more supported and confident. When we turn our passions into careers, we feel engaged and fulfilled. 

The point is: all aspects of our lives are connected. The leaders who have the most impact and seem to be going at it effortlessly have often managed to integrate all aspects of themselves. They have built careers that allow them to operate in their strengths and are based on what they truly believe and care about. They prioritize time for themselves that keeps them functioning well, whether that’s a meditation practice, making art, or exercise.

We’ve created a framework for this process that we’re using in our upcoming Connected Leadership Incubator. Over 6 months, we will look at 6 pillars of leadership – the first 3 focused on our internal selves, the next 3 focused on how we connect out in the world. The goal is to unlock not just your potential, but you as a person.

The program is offered entirely online with an in-person leadership retreat at the end. We will have online lessons you do on your own time, one-on-one coaching, and group calls every two weeks. By joining in on the mastermind coaching calls, we see how much our journeys overlap with others’. We get to supercharge our own growth by learning from each other’s wins and challenges, while building a deeper sense of community and support. 

We hope you’ll join us. Click here to learn more and sign up for the Connected Leadership Incubator starting this spring.

Intentional Goal Setting for 2020

Intentional Goal Setting for 2020

As we set off in the new year (and new decade), many of us are in the reflection and goal setting mode. We are looking at what our life was like over the past year and what we want to create now.

However, we can often get distracted from what we truly need when setting our goals. Even when we are using a great methodology (think SMART goals), we might end up reaching externally, focusing on things that will bring validation, or ignoring our inner wisdom in favour of what we THINK we should do. Or for some of us, what we think others want us to do. 

To get yourself on track for being your best self and doing your best work, you need to tune in to all aspects of your life. Examine your blindspots. See where you are out of balance. Understand why you want what you want and ask whether that is in service of who you are becoming.

We use the Veza Wheel of Life with our coaching clients to support them in this reflection. Download it and mark it up based on the level of alignment and satisfaction you have in each area of your life. Not only will it give you a benchmark for how you are starting this year, it will show you the areas of your life you have been neglecting. We recommend setting inspired actions or goals around the three lowest scoring areas, so you can bring balance to your life. After completing this exercise, you can begin your annual goal setting from a place of understanding what you truly need to grow.

Wishing you on one of the most creative, fun, abundant, loving years of your life.

Want to set 2020 up to be a year of alignment and growth? Join us for our free webinar 2020 Vision: Creating Aligned Goals for the New Year on January 8th to get coached through your visioning process. Attendees will also receive a free copy of our Goal Setting Guide (usually exclusive to our coaching clients).