Collaboration and sisterhood heightens our personal development

I knew the power of collaboration and sisterhood but this weekend I saw it again.

I am reveling in the energy of the weekend where I was blessed to teach Akashic Records Level 3 to group of women who dove in deep into the trenches of their own souls so they can further uncover their light and be more of a contribution to this world.

It was powerful to see the transformation that occurs when we truly see each other, hear each other and are present to other people’s experiences. 

Reflecting on this weekend, I noticed how much many of us spend time trying to control the experiences of others, trying to prove that we are lovable and trying to prove that we are worthy of love but really the magic is in just BE-ing.

I never noticed the magic of just BE-ing and pure love for me just being me until I spent more time with my nephews and nieces. I realized I love spending time with them because they love me for just me. I don’t have to give them anything, be anything or do anything. I just need to show up, be present and see/hear them.

The same that these women experienced this weekend with each other.

At the root of it all, all of us just want others to be present to our love for them. We want others to see themselves as we see them. We want others to just BE themselves as it gives us permission to be ourselves.

This isn’t just with personal relationships. This is the same at work as well. Each person in your organization wants to be seen and heard so they know their contribution is valued and appreciated. When that is done, magic happens. They perform better. They contribute even more AND they stay engaged with the goals of the company. That person is you who wants to be seen and heard and is in the place to see and hear others so they feel that magic that you want to feel.

As leaders, contributors to organizations and contributors to society, it is your role to BE so you can give permission for others to be.

It is your role to see and hear others so you can be seen and heard as well.

It is your role to build a community of collaboration and sisterhood/brotherhood around you, so you feel that you are fully empowered, you are fully present with your strengths and you are BEing the best version of yourself as you experience love for being just who you are.

The weekend with these wonderful women reminded me the power of mastermind, collaboration and support that we are call for and desire.

I know in my role as a connector that is the work I am hear to do. Connect others through creating community of like-minded women.

This is why the group programs that are offered through Veza are SO important as they allow women to see and hear each other especially when their hearts are raw and they feel ever so vulnerable.

It is time for you to BE, BE seen and BE heard. It is time for you to be you and know you will be loved.

We are enrolling in the Magnetize Your Career 8 week group program starting November 13, 2017. If you are ready, willing, committed to your career of choice, it is your time to join the collaborative sisterhood that exists. Click here to enroll.