Book Review – “Why Women Love Bitches” – “Don’t judge a book by its title”

Originally when I had heard about the title “Why Women Love Bitches” I thought to myself, there is no way I am reading a book that calls women “bitches.” I do not like to degrade women by calling them names such as “bitches.”

After being recommended this book and physically being handed it, I figured I must read it. Now I wish I read this book years ago as it would have changed how I dated or did relationships.

The premise of the book as I see it, is to empower women to be aligned to themselves, be strong and powerful as women. Sherry Argov, the author, teaches women to have opinions, allow men to come into their lives instead of chasing them, be truthful to what they are trying to achieve in their lives instead of making their lives about the relationship  and reiterates the fact that women need to be interesting, have passions and be multi-dimensional.

This book is a must read for all those who are single, dating or married. As it is important to have the most dynamic personality of your own so that you are complete as a person with or without a partner.

Ask yourself what are 5 things that make you interesting?