Self-Love and what does it mean for your life?

Self-Love and what does it mean for your life?

SELF LOVE – Why do people keep talking about it??

The month of February is all about L – O – V – E. People are either prepping for Valentines or they are dreading or these days they are planning how they will express self-love during this month. The dread comes from the reminder of being single (by choice or not) as it is a perfect reminder of what a single person does not have in their life.

February is a beautiful month though. We see the color red and pink everywhere, people seem to be in a more of a romantic mode and there is a lightness in the air that represents hope, excitement and the awe for the marvel in their life.

This article today we talk about self-love. It is something that we experience within ourselves, when we have that awe and marvel within our own lives. Self-love is when we smile as acknowledge all the wonderful things that happening for us. Self-love is looking at ourselves in the mirror and acknowledging the beauty that was created, which is us, in our wholeness.

It doesn’t matter if you are single or in a relationship, it is all about having self-love first. The more you love yourself, the more others can love you. Our heart expands with the love for ourselves.

So how can you expand your heart to have more self-love and how will it impact your life?

Expansion in Self-love
Here are 3 ways that I teach expansion in self-love:
1. Journaling – this is so utterly important. It allows you to connect to your heart, your thoughts and your feelings. This connection will allow you to be in more self-acceptance.

2. Look at yourself in the mirror, really look at yourself. Allow yourself to stand in front of the mirror and look into your own eyes. Experience the love that you have for yourself. This exercise is quite difficult for some, so please have compassion for yourself as you do this exercise.

3. Self-care. At least once a week for 2 hours, do an activity which nurtures your soul and your being. This can be acupuncture to a bubble bath to painting. Whatever it may be for you, please schedule this time in.

How will this self-love impact your life?
This self-love will allow you to be more in alignment with what you want out of your life. This self-love will allow you to be more present to your desires and your needs. This self-love will allow you to attract all that you want in your life.

As you are reading about self-love and you are thinking to yourself, this is an area I need extra support on or you want to create something more in your life, check out the Wonder Women section below:) 

Be the Wonder Woman that you are! 

In the 3-hours, we can focus on whatever topic you need to be most supported on right now. Whether it be:

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  • creating a game plan for the future.

It is time for you to take action.

This will help propel you forward to the next level.

This isn’t for you,

  • if you just want to complain and not get to the core issue
  • if you will not take any of the steps that you decide you want to take for yourself
  • if you are attached to being a victim.

This is for you if you have been feeling:

  • the need to do something different in your life
  • feel satisfied but aren’t quite where you want to be
  • know you are on the right path but need that one issue dealt with
  • are ready to jump into the next stage

Become that Wonder Women that you are:)

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