Clarity inspires opportunities

Yesterday was an amazing day. Well in my eyes was amazing. There was a project planning meeting that was long overdue and went really well. It was great as everyone was on the same page as to the vision of the project and understanding what the limitations were. Everyone was also in agreement in how we need to tackle the limitations so we can achieve our vision. {It was kind of like a success strategy session but for the group}.

As we shifted the energy, became clear on our vision and how we are going to get there, a beautiful opportunity arose from this space that we created with this clarity.

This morning, yes things can manifest that quickly when there is space for them to come in, the project was given an opportunity to be highlighted on a large platform – maybe a provincial level:). Yes, wow! this is huge for this project and an amazing reminder of how moving through blocks creates a space where opportunities and miracles can occur. The energy behind clarity of vision and a clear action plan, really has a lot of momentum to it.

Where is it that you need clarity and a clear action plan?