Sex as a spiritual exercise

Isn’t the Kama Sutra from the country of India, all about passion and lust?

Kama Sutra originated as a path to gaining ecstasy that connects you to God as per Deepak Chopra in his “Kama Sutra & the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. ”

Yes sex is a path to gain connection to God. While in intimate positions and acts, we let go of all barriers and emotions that are blocking us from our enlightenment.

Deep breathing while standing in each other’s personal space allows for a flow and connection that is deeply seated in our sexual organs. The act of breathing deep from your sexual core also releases creativity, as our creativity is stored as heat in our sexual organs. If on a day-to-day basis, we are not accessing our creative forces we will have pent up sexual energy. This sexual energy can be released through deep breathing, channeling that energy into a project of passion or having sex with oneself or a partner.

“Sexual energy is the most primal and creative energy on earth”(Deepak Chopra). It is essential that this energy is focused towards physical, emotional or spiritual. It shows up as arousal, passion, awakening, interest, excitement, creativity or enthusiasm. Feel this energy on a daily basis and you will be living a life that exceeds your imagination.

Sex heals. Accessing sexual energy is rejuvenating, enhances longevity as explained by the Tao.

Heal yourself through sexual energy. Cultivate the power in sexual energy to live your passions and live a life of fulfillment.


Heal your relationship through the use of breath

Begin by standing close enough to your partner that you can hear their breath.

Look deep into their eyes, at the same time one of you breathes in while the other breathes out.

Then switch in unison to doing the opposite. With this breathe you are creating a circle of breath. This breathe and the deep eye contact is creating a connection at the core level of both parties.

Continue to do this for 3 minutes and notice how connected you feel before engaging in a kama sutra position of your choice.

Want to learn more about healing through the cultivation of sexual energy:

Kama Sutra & the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (2010) by Deepak Chopra

Healing Love: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy (1986) by Mantak Chia (Any of his books are great).