Passion at Aswasa Bhavan Orphanage and School

My trip to India has really been showing me how someone living in passion moves mountains and changes lives.

Today’s trip was to Aswasa Bhavan Orphanage and School.

I was so fortunate to meet with the man and women behind the organization – Joseph Mathew and Aneena J. Mathew. Joseph had a story of awakening like some people do who live their life purpose. The realization of his life purpose came to him when the doctor’s told he was going to die. The one thing he did say was he wished there was an easier way he knew his life purpose instead of being on his deathbed. I chuckled to myself of that’s why coaches exist so people can find their life purpose in an easy way.

The couple had such a passion for helping the kids, whose parents were in jail. The government provides the names of the kids but does not provide funding. The couple has 45 kids who live in the orphanage while their parents serve life sentences (usually 12-14 years). The purpose of the organization is provide support so the children can get an education in order to have a better life. The couple has been helping kids through education for 25 years.

Last year they opened a school for the local children where no fees are collected. My friend and I met with 150 kids today who are learning the basics of education as well as life skills. The philosophy of the school is to have the kids be well-rounded so they can sustain their own lives.

I, personally connected with one of the boys who was three years old. We didn’t speak each other’s language but we bonded over laughing and making faces. I was told that later that he has been living at the orphanage for a few years and probably will never know his parents. It saddens me how each of us have a choice to make of what our live looks like but when we make a choice from our head instead of our heart, we may affect the lives of others.

I feel so uplifted and motivated to live my purpose. I am grateful that my awakening was smooth and the transition is easy. I wish that for everyone.


For more information about the orphanage and school please visit http://www.aswasabhavan.org/