Sacrificing your life for your parents?

Sacrificing your life for your parents?

Many conversations these days have been about how women feel like they are stuck or are putting everyone else’s needs before their own.

Take a deep breath.

It is a place many women have been to especially as they are trying to manage family responsibilities, feeling guilty for taking time out for themselves or even spending money on themselves.

As we grow older so do our parents. Some parents have been able to be self-sufficient in this country while others needed someone to interpret for them or drive them places. There comes a time when the parents need more of our support than ever before.

We have tried so hard to make them happy. We get the good jobs, make good money, get married, have kids, drive the nice cars, live in the nice house but this life doesn’t feel like it is totally our life. It kind of feels like the life they wanted for themselves. It feels like we are living their dream life, not our own.

Is this something you or someone you know can relate to?

So now that you are aware that you may be living your one of your parent’s life, how can you gain control of your life? How can you start to live the life that you want to live?

It is really important to check in with yourself as to:
1. What do you want your life to look like in all areas of your life?
2. What are three things that you have always wanted to do but have been waiting for the right time, more money or when you are… (fill in the blank)?
3. What is one action you can take towards the life that you want? Who do you need to call? What do you need to research? What trip do you need to plan?

I dare you, double dare you. Take that step now toward your dream life.

If you are clear with the type of life you want, then you will have it.

Yes your parents will need you but put your needs first and build in quality time with them into your schedule so you are always practicing self-first while having the most joyful and loving relationship with them.

Don’t you think you will be happier if you put yourself first?

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