Travel, trust and faith to manifest all desires

I constantly hear “oh you travel so much” and “when are you ever in town.”

It is a choice I have made that for now my life is about balancing travel and working in my passions. For the last twelve years, I have achieved some of my greatest successes of my career while exploring different parts of the world. Some of my favorite places have been Botswana, Fiji, Singapore, Japan, actually I have pretty fond memories of most places I have been to.

Side note: over the last few trips, I have come to realize how much traveling has allowed me to fall in love in Vancouver, the place I call home right now. I love talking to people about Vancouver, the beauty, the food, and the amazing cultural awareness that is present there.

I have been fortunate that once I want something in my life truly that I will always manifest it.  I will set my intention and become detached from it.  I never know how it will happen but I know it will happen. I have come to realize that when my trust and faith waivers, is when I don’t receive what I manifested. The lesson I have learnt is when my trust and faith waivers, I must go within myself to realign with my own truth of what is best for me in the situation and that aligns me back to the trust and faith.

I always wanted a lifestyle of travel and doing what I love. On my travels, I will spend time during the day to work on what is important to me either be it writing, planning, strategizing and developing the next program. I usually implement when I am back home as each trip for me is learning process. I grow from each trip, I learn more about myself and what I want from life. When I go home to Vancouver, I always feel that I have come home unveiling new aspects of myself.

Why I am writing a post about how great traveling is and what I learn from it?

I hope that you will see that:

1. The clarity of intentions are so important. We hear this constantly, but once you put it in practice, you realize how easy it is to manifest what you really want.

2. Trust and Faith in receiving all that you want is the basis of the foundation of becoming detached to the outcome and how things happen to come into your life. It is important to know how you want to feel about an outcome so that you can fully realize the benefits of what that outcome means to you. The ‘how’ may not look the way you think it should, so allow things to happen in the way they do.

3. It is possible to have it all. Yes, you can travel and live your passions. It is all about manifesting the best situation for yourself. I became detached to the ‘how’ but I knew what I wanted for myself. I just had to remain open to having it happen.

4. For me, having different experiences and putting myself in different situations allows me to uncover new aspects of myself. I do this both at home and on vacation. How often are you trying new things or having new conversations to discover new aspects of yourself?

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