Life happens for us

Deep thoughts by Manpreet
It has been a whirlwind life in a the past few years as everything has turned upside down and inside out including myself. I changed as a person where I brought back aspects of how I was as a child, became more aware of what aspects of my personality weren’t working for me and how I could change them.
Relationships changed. Someone people came into my life and some people moved to different circles. Lost some beautiful souls and gained others.
Financially life changed. Became innovative with how income was generated and the Focus shifted from money to how can I contribute and sometimes I would falter and focus on money. Then I would be in scarcity so I moved back to contribution.
I used the opportunity of social media to shift how people viewed death and grieving. I learned a lot from others.
I felt like an imposter and fraud at times but then would be reminded by amazing clients of how I impacted their lives for the better just through coaching or a seminar or a resource.
What I learned from all this is trust, have faith and do things even if they don’t make sense. If you feel called to something do it and if you don’t feel called ask yourself is it resistance or is it not for me.
I embodied the energy that life happens for us and it really does. Each person we meet and each situation we create are all happening for us.
I felt the need to share that what life looks like to others is maybe not what is happening for the other person or not how they perceive their life. Sometimes we just need to acknowledge in that moment that the person is reaching out in someway for their happiness or a teaching moment or maybe it’s validation or acceptance in some way.
Many times what we teach is what we don’t do ourselves but that doesn’t make us any less of expert. It just shows us that we need to focus on ourselves first then others so you can lead by example.
I have been coaching for over 6 years and it has been such a push pull relationship – a pattern very common in my life. I love it and hate it but it wasn’t until earlier this year when the realization came that if I let go of the struggle then I really can be happy. When we are meant to do something we may resist it as we have preconceived notions of where life was supposed to take us. I didn’t realize I knew how to help businesses with how to do marketing strategy as well as human resources until this year even though for years I have been overseeing and developing marketing strategies.
It wasn’t until a few months ago I realized I built a consulting firm focusing on coaching, leadership, human resources, marketing and events. I built it without even knowing it. I had registered the name Manpreet Dhillon Consulting Group but didn’t know what it meant at that time. My vision was different and now it has grown to serve pan-cultural individuals to be successful business owners and have amazing careers while helping businesses grow through HR and marketing services especially focusing on diversity, community and engagement. Now I will be serving more professional women who are in transitions in their careers through job services, mentoring, networking and other programs while balancing family and cultural obligations and their individual desires.
As a business coach, I would cringe as the plans and growth were changing too often but I see that how I grow my business grows.
So in summary, follow your heart, grow as an individual so you can help others grow and let life happen for you.


Sex as a spiritual exercise

Isn’t the Kama Sutra from the country of India, all about passion and lust?

Kama Sutra originated as a path to gaining ecstasy that connects you to God as per Deepak Chopra in his “Kama Sutra & the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. ”

Yes sex is a path to gain connection to God. While in intimate positions and acts, we let go of all barriers and emotions that are blocking us from our enlightenment.

Deep breathing while standing in each other’s personal space allows for a flow and connection that is deeply seated in our sexual organs. The act of breathing deep from your sexual core also releases creativity, as our creativity is stored as heat in our sexual organs. If on a day-to-day basis, we are not accessing our creative forces we will have pent up sexual energy. This sexual energy can be released through deep breathing, channeling that energy into a project of passion or having sex with oneself or a partner.

“Sexual energy is the most primal and creative energy on earth”(Deepak Chopra). It is essential that this energy is focused towards physical, emotional or spiritual. It shows up as arousal, passion, awakening, interest, excitement, creativity or enthusiasm. Feel this energy on a daily basis and you will be living a life that exceeds your imagination.

Sex heals. Accessing sexual energy is rejuvenating, enhances longevity as explained by the Tao.

Heal yourself through sexual energy. Cultivate the power in sexual energy to live your passions and live a life of fulfillment.


Heal your relationship through the use of breath

Begin by standing close enough to your partner that you can hear their breath.

Look deep into their eyes, at the same time one of you breathes in while the other breathes out.

Then switch in unison to doing the opposite. With this breathe you are creating a circle of breath. This breathe and the deep eye contact is creating a connection at the core level of both parties.

Continue to do this for 3 minutes and notice how connected you feel before engaging in a kama sutra position of your choice.

Want to learn more about healing through the cultivation of sexual energy:

Kama Sutra & the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (2010) by Deepak Chopra

Healing Love: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy (1986) by Mantak Chia (Any of his books are great).