The need for FUN in life

In the past few weeks, I have been on the highest of highs. The last two months allowed me to really see how I can change the world! (Yes, I set lofty goals for myself like changing the world).

I am feeling good about myself, my contributions, how I am showing up and it was all wonderful!

Until the last big event finished, then I realized, I wasn’t feeling happy.

I was feeling tired, cranky and stressed.

I was puzzled as to what was missing.

Upon reflection, I realized I didn’t take care of my body as I hadn’t planned my meals or my workouts.

I also realized that the last two months, I worried about what’s next instead of having fun in the moment.

I missed out on a lot of fun.

Then I started calculating how much fun I missed out over the last few years.

I had a choice, I could be angry with myself or I could have compassion for myself.

I choose compassion.

I did what I thought was right at that moment each time. I also had fun in the way that I knew how. Now my definition of fun has changed.

Where do you need to choose compassion for yourself? Where has your definition of something changed that you haven’t realized yet?

My new definition of fun allows me to have fun in any moment where I have a smile on my face. My new definition of fun allows me to have fun when I feel connected. Before I could only have fun when I was laughing really loud and I was out and about. Those are strict rules to have fun.

What rules do you need to change for yourself?

Choose an area where you want to change your rules, make life easier to enjoy for yourself.

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From vacation to reality

From vacation to reality

When on vacation, how do you view life?

How do you view your day to day life?

As the complete coconut or the one that has all the coconut water and sweet coconut meat to enjoy? (please excuse the quality of the pictures-there was a camera incident at the beach;)





If we look at the whole coconut, what do you see? Do you know the benefits and the joys you will get by breaking into it?

Ever think if we always viewed life from vacation mode or as the open coconut, how much more fun we would have?

You could constantly be on an adventure, exploring and creating magical experiences.

What adventure do you want to create for yourself today, this week and even in this month? Yes in your day to day life:)

Take a deep breath and call in the energy of vacation mode. How does it feel?

It can be that easy to enjoy life to the fullest, to have fun and laugh.

What is one thing you can do in your day to day that you would do on vacation mode?

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