Stepping into 2013

As we celebrate the holiday season with close family and friends, there is many times we hear “wow the year went by fast.”

How often do you reflect on your celebrations as you set your goals for the new year?

I am lucky as my birthday is in June so I break the year into two parts as a way to celebrate and set my goals for the next half.

In order to support the accountability to myself, I connect with my own coach and mentor to help me stay on track. What support systems do you have in place for yourself?

On December 12, I will be supporting others in a 3 call series (recorded if you are not able to make it live) -“Stepping powerfully into 2013”- https://intoessencecoaching.wordpress.com/upcoming-courses/steppowerfull/. Allow me to support your journey to a more powerful 2013.

Also to support you in moving to next year, here is the recording fot “3 blocks to reaching your goals and moving past them.” http://yousend.it/QNSPZr

Happy journey!

Embrace yourself while working in a group

Group coaching allows us to look at ourselves in a different way as we listen to stories, lessons and questions from others.

Yes, it is true, people show us what we can not see in ourselves sometimes.

This will make you take responsibility for who you are and how you act.

It makes it easier to be who you really are as you see yourself from a third person point of view.

Embrace yourself is a 4-week Tele-call series where you hear about different topics, be lead through meditations and are able to ask questions. If you miss a call, it’s recorded.

Here’s the link to the program coming May 7th! Early Bird is until April 16th with a small investment of $97.


Quality content, quality learning and a better summer quality YOU!