Order of Canada and Passion

Order of Canada and Passion

The Order of Canada recipients received their medals today in a special ceremony honouring their “outstanding achievements, dedication to community and service to the nation.”

Here is the list of recipients and a short description of the reasons they received it  http://www.gg.ca/document.aspx?id=14175&lan=eng.

As I reviewed the list I was in an awe again of someone who has been the epitome of dedication to her passion. She has dedicated her life to her craft of ice hockey even after facing challenges and adversity, she persevered and risen to the occasion of bringing women’s hockey to a new international level.

I have met her a few times and each time it amazes me her humbleness and her drive to really make a difference by living her passion. Last year, I was excited to work on her Wickenheiser International Women’s Hockey Festival as the volunteer coordinator with an amazing team of individuals who are all living their passions. It was very motivating and heart-warming that people love what they do and are really good at it. While they are enjoying what they do, they laugh and really enjoy life to the fullest.

Each leader is always supported by a great team of individuals that support them. These individuals don’t always get the medals and the awards but without them, the leaders wouldn’t be able to achieve what they are set out to achieve.

I know that the key ingredient behind Hayley’s success with the Wickenheiser International Women’s Hockey Festival is Ceilidh Price. She deserves uber kudos for being the support and drive behind implementing Hayley’s dream of this hockey festival. Ceilidh works tirelessly with a smile as she is passionate about the dream. People like Ceilidh don’t get the Order of Canada but they will always get recognized and acknowledged in their own way.

It is important for each of us to know what role we play in society – are we a visionary, builder, maintainer or destroyer? As we recognize our role and work in our strengths we can reach goals and visions that seemed unsurmountable at times. What role do you play?