Texting – when is the conversation going to stop?

Texting – when is the conversation going to stop?

Texting - when is the conversation going to stop?

Recently I had a realization that I am not a “fun” messenger. No, not messenger in the way of olden days like msn, a page or courier but a messenger in terms of texting, emailing, Facebooking, Tweeting, etc.

Me, being me, I started to have a complex and started to ask others if “I really wasn’t a fun texter?” I was answered with “well, you are funnier on the phone or in person,” and “yes, you aren’t funny when you text.”

I started to think about why am I am not a fun messenger. There could be a variety of reasons but a few may be:
*I just don’t care to be funny
*I rather just type and get it done
*I like human interactions that include voice, tone and emotion
*I use messaging for getting in touch for a purpose not to maintain relationships
*maybe I don’t have anything funny to say
*Maybe I am just not funny in writing.

These were the top few before I started getting a headache of trying to figure out a reason why.

I didn’t come to a conclusion of why I am not a funny messenger but I did come to the conclusion that to me relationships that mean something to me, I need the personal touch. I need to hear the voice, tone and emotion. When I am out, I try not to be on my phone as I realized I want to be present with the people who I am with. This is something I am still working on but I realize when I spend a lot of time on my phone, I am avoiding intimacy with who I am with. Is there anything more important than who is sitting in front of me at that moment? No, so why am I am making them feel that way?

I also realized that I personally would rather have a 5 minute conversation rather than text someone for days on end. The 5 minute conversation will allow us to truly connect instead of hiding behind technology. Yes, texting/messaging has it’s place. It is a great way to keep in touch when you are busy, or you just want to quickly touch base but it is not the way to maintain the important relationships in my life.

As much as I enjoy the days of text messaging conversations, I would much rather have a short phone call to really connect.

To my friends and families, I apologize that I am not a fun messenger. If you want the fun me, just call me or see each other in person as I know I will be fun then.