Is it work when you are having fun?

Is it work when you are having fun?

What is it that you notice about this picture? There is lots of people and a little boy dancing as the obvious. What emotion do you see in the boy?

I am seeing alot of joy, passion and celebration. He is having fun.

As I was prepping for this Media launch of the Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration Society(VIBC) City of Bhangra festival 2012 (www.cityof bhangra.com), I realized I was having fun with my role in this organization. I have been with VIBC for the last 6 years in various roles from event coordinator to operations to festival production to grant writer to tresaurer to vice-chair. I have grown as a professional and personally from my experience with the organization. The best part is I am only with the organization because I have fun. I feel passion and joy and I meet like-minded individuals.

This is a volunteer role. I used to have a belief that I couldnt have fun and enjoy what I do because life is struggle and work. In the past year with my own business, I know there is space for fun, passion and joy while earning money.

How can you have more fun in your career? Are you having fun now or do you need a change?

Love in the purest form

Love in the purest form

In the celebration of love today, I decided to share my experience of pure, unconditional love I experienced with Amma-the hugging saint.

At a young age, Amma realized her life purpose was to show people the unconditional, pure love that we receive from God, Universe or however you may refer to a higher being.

I recently had the opportunity to visit her for the second time at her home in Amritapuri. Both visits, I have been fortunate to receive a hug of love from her.

After my hug this time, I felt an abundance of joy, love, and freedom where my heart was shining wide open.

I realized I had felt this love inside myself for a longtime, it was waiting for me to recognize it fully to really allow it to be all it is.

When have you felt so much love, joy and freedom in your life? Are you ready to feel it on a day to day basis?

Having been working deep within myself both alone and with a coach for the last while, I realized it was the love that I was preparing myself.

Shall we take a leap towards love together through one of ways that we can play together?

For more information on Amma, visit www.amma.org.

To book a 1/2 hour complimentary exploration with me call please visit here.

In this post, I am promoting strictly my own spiritual experience and not a religion, saint, deity or anything of the sorts.