Female Super Heroines

Female Super Heroines

MAC Cosmetics Wonder Woman Lipglass

As I was using my MAC Wonder Woman lipgloss this morning, I started to think about who is my favorite female super heroine. There are many qualities of super heroes/heroines that I admire – their drive, passion, ability to save the day and the world. They are dedicated to what they care about and day in and day out do what is important to them.

I started to reflect on how do I embody these qualities? What motivates me in the morning to be excited for the day? What am I passionate about that drives me. A few things come to mind right away…I love being able to be in essence so I can support others in being in their essence. I have supportive family and friends who teach me to love and be loved so that I can support others in learning to love and be loved as well. I am passionate about being in power in all aspects of my life.

A few questions for you to ponder…what are your passions? What are you excited about? Most importantly who is your favorite superheroine? Here is a list to reflect upon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_superheroines. Feel free to share below who your favorite female super heroine is and why.