Empower Ethnic Role Model List 2020 Press Statement

Empower Ethnic Role Model List 2020 Press Statement

Veza Global Founder, Manpreet Dhillon, Listed as Empower’s EMpower 100 Ethnic Minority Future Leaders List

 Vancouver B.C., Today, Veza Global founder and CEO, Manpreet Dhillon, was ranked 15th on EMpower 100 Ethnic Minority Future Leaders List supported by Yahoo Finance. The annual list showcases business leaders who are breaking down barriers at work and working hard to smash the ceiling for ethnic minorities in the UK, Ireland, Europe, and people of colour in the United States and Canada. Past leaders on the Ethnic Minority Executives and Minority Leaders lists have included: Farah Siddiqui, Andrew Monu, and Deon Pillay. 

These lists continue the conversation around equity, diversity and inclusion. I’m so grateful that as hard as this work is on some days, we can have conversations around #blacklivesmatter in the workplace, people can ask for leadership to notice where equity needs to be, leadership is vulnerable in their communications when things haven’t been right. It is now that we can create the change most of us have wanted to see.

Manpreet has earned recognition for her continued dedication to supporting ethnic and gender diversity in the corporate landscape when being named the 15th of EMpower 100 Ethnic Minority Future Leaders List. Annually, EMpower names the top role models across the UK and North America breaking the barriers for ethnic minorities.This list is published by INvolve, an organization championing gender and ethinc diversity leaders and executives.  

Through career and business coaching, workshops, and international trade missionsVeza has been working globally to elevate women to leadership roles and attain board seats. Veza also offers corporate equity, diversity, and inclusion training and consulting services working on country wide and province wide initiatives with selected organizations including UN Women, Organisation for the Prohibition for Chemical Weapons, HR Tech Group and Immigrant Employers Council of BC Manpreet Dhillon founded the organization in 2017 after independently consulting in the diversity and inclusion space since 2011.  Individually, Manpreet is a twice contributing author to Chicken Soup for the Soul as well as a contributing author for online platforms including  Forbes and Thrive Global speaking about leadership of women of culturally diverse backgrounds, feminine and masculine leadership, social justice, social impact, gender/culture diversity. 

Representing multiple sectors and industries, those on our EMpower Role Model Lists have not only achieved success in their careers but also used this to actively drive for more inclusive workplaces. Full list of winners and role models can be found at: https://empower.involvepeople.org/