Make that thought a reality

Make that thought a reality

Comparison envy can really mess you up. You look at other people’s lives and think ‘wow I wish my life was like theirs’ but the harsh reality is they are probably thinking the same of someone else.

We live in this world where the grass is always greener somewhere else. We have unlimited opportunities to be whoever we want to be and do whatever we want to do but it is really just taking the chance.
Recently, I was at the rehearsals for TEDx Stanley Park, where these speakers just did it. They just did something even though it didn’t make sense. It seems when they took that action that they wanted to without comparison to others, they weren’t in a place of fear but they were just confident that they needed to take action.

For me, it really started with reading their bios. Each of them had one thought that changed the trajectory of their life. Just one thought. I started pondering  – Is it really that easy?

They had the thought and then they took action. They did something massive but they had made a decision that they were going to do something with the thought that they had.  They didn’t compare themselves or think what will others think (well, maybe at moments these thoughts slipped in but they kept going).

A thought, an action which led them to a momentum to a new way of life for them.

One of the things I noticed they didn’t compare. They just did what felt right for them!

These speakers have a wisdom of knowledge that isn’t really any different that resides within any one of us but the only difference is that they did something about it.

A few of the speakers I am looking forward to hearing speak about their thought and action:

Karn Manhas Photo credit: TedX Stanley Park

Karn Manhas Photo credit: TedX Stanley Park

Topic: Don’t let the bedbugs bite – Using Mind, Body and Nature to Stop Bed Bugs from Biting Below the Belt

Bed bugs can infest our beds but also our psyche. They’ve settled our places of rest since medieval times, and have been expanding their empires in recent decades. What started as an argument on the difficulty of controlling bed bugs has led Karn to a revolution in protecting against bugs naturally. After hearing Karn, you’ll see bed bugs differently, and feel the itch to bug-proof yourself in new ways.

Who is Karn: Karn Manhas is an enabler who loves big ideas. He is Founder/CEO of Terramera, a global leader in developing high-performance bio/organic replacements for chemical pesticides in public health and agriculture. Karn studied Biology and Biotechnology from McGill University before obtaining a degree in Law from UBC. At 24, he was elected the youngest MLA in BC, and in 2012 was named one of Business in Vancouver’s top Forty Under 40.

Photo Credit: TedX Stanley Park

Iman Aghay Photo Credit: TedX Stanley Park

Topic: Deathbed Lessons – 3 questions that lead to living a regret-free life

9 out of 10 people on their deathbed regret their lives. This number is much lower among the people who survived their deathbed. As a person who has survived his deathbed not once but twice, Iman sees every single day of his life as a gift. In this talk he will share with you the stories how being on deathbed changes your view of this world.

Who is Iman: Iman is a serial entrepreneur, bestselling author and a mentor to entrepreneurs who want to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives.

Sita Sahasrabudhe  Photo credit: TedX Stanley Park

Sita Sahasrabudhe Photo credit: TedX Stanley Park

Topic: Are you REALLY ill? – People with a chronic illness are misunderstood and stigmatized

Sita’s talk empowers you to be a person who can make a difference in the lives of people with chronic illnesses. She also talks about how this empowerment can make a change in how people who are chronically ill view themselves, and how they view themselves as part of society.

Who is Sita: Sita Sahasrabudhe was born in Canada, and attended university at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, where she obtained her Social Work degree. She is now a Registered Social Worker. In addition to her volunteer disability advocacy work, Sita hopes to go back to school for Addictions counseling. She attributes much of her success so far to her determination and inner self-motivation.

Join them and the other amazing speakers on May 28th at Queen Elizabeth Theatre to see what they did, what was their thought was and what their actions were. Maybe it will lead to your thought too and give you the push you need to take action.

For tickets and more info, please visit tedxstanleypark.com and use “Manpreet” for $20 off.