The tragedy of indecision

You want to reach a goal. You can seem it so clearly and taste it.

You want it badly that you feel that it will change your life.

But you still sit there.

Do nothing.

Have fear. Feel anxiety. Feel small.

So how do you move to expansiveness?

How do you move to a place of taking action towards your goals?

Make a decision.

What is something you are pondering, avoiding or not making the final decision on?

Decide right now.

Let go of your need to be right. Listen to your heart. What is that decision? Make it and stick to it.

Once you make the decision, energy will flow.

Indecision blocks energy, therefore it blocks your alignment to your self, your happiness and your purpose.

Allow yourself to be in the flow. Take an action based on your decision.

Do it right now.

The power is in the mind.

Be that powerhouse you are.