Summer Transformation Special

The sun is shining and we are surrounded by laughter. Summer allows us to feel light and free.

In some ways it feels like a rebirthing, a transformation that is revealing the “real” you.

I have spent the last month and half on a personal and professional trajectory that I wasn’t even planning. Yes, some things happen without planning. Life is funny that way.

Some of the biggest lessons I learnt all related back to revealing my true self and how I showed up in the world. It got me thinking that there may be others like you who want to do the same thing and how can I support you in doing that?

My solution in how I can support you  was in a few ways, first of which is offering a summer special of 50% discount on any investment towards a reading/consult or coaching package.

When I realized that I was first doing this, I was thinking to myself what will people think of why I am offering the 50%. I quickly realized there will be three type of people:

first, those who want to take action in their life and they will jump on the chance to stop making money an excuse,

second, who will pass it along to those who they would like to support while

third, who will just ignore it.

Which one of the three types of people are you?

To take advantage of the special here is the link:


How ready and committed are you to getting what you want from life?

Watch out for some exciting programs and offers over the next few weeks:)