A Woman In Business – 5 Ways to Raise Your Profile Power

Self-promotion as a woman – it doesn’t sound graceful and it’s easy to shy away from the limelight, especially if you have to create your own wattage. Many women have been habituated to being in the shadows, and supporting others in reaching their dreams and ambitions. It is time for you to stand out from the noise. But it’s crucial for your career success to do this FOR YOURSELF to be in your power. Instead of thinking of it as self-promoting, think of it as letting your light shine, offering your story to others who might gain something from your struggles and successes, and stepping into your own personal power.

Here are some ways you can get in front of others, get recognized and tell your story:

  1. Know How Great You Are and feel Fulfilled – and also know what you want.  What buzz can you create? What are you curious about and what makes others curious about you and what you do? Why do you want to be in business? Who do you want to work for? What makes you credible? How are you an expert?
  2. Video Pitch – so you don’t like to hear your own voice, and you don’t like the way you look on camera…. Time to get over that! If you can’t enjoy these aspects of yourself, how can you expect others to listen to you and see you? Video is the new bio, the new resume, the new foot in the door. It’s a must in the rapidly changing technological landscape. With the amazing capabilities of new accessible technology, we all have a video camera in our back pocket. Get footage of yourself delivering your elevator pitch, your key strengths and/or your differentiating advantages. It will be your calling card.
  3. Get Connected – find industry associations, women-in-business networking groups, and other gatherings of key people in your industry. They all have luncheons and group meetings and they usually want speakers – they need your story! You can send them your video pitch to get the ball rolling. Here in Vancouver, some of the groups I rely on are Digital Marketing Meetups, Vancouver Entrepreneurs, Tech Vancouver, BCTECH, Launch Academy, Vancouver Economic Commision, Raise Collective, and Front Funder.
  4. Get Introduced – use your networks – personal, business, LinkedIn, and Social Media to meet the people you want to get in front of. Remember to be super graceful and not to corner anyone into a meeting. (Also don’t take it personally if you get no response.) Business is all about relationships and working your relationships to create more is a win-win strategy.
  5. Social Media – choose one or two platforms and create a business (vs. personal) profile. Keep it updated regularly. Interact with others on it daily if you can. You don’t have to be going for Instagram Fame Status – but your social media presence should support your IRL presence.

Expanding your profile can be clever, community-driven and fun. So yes, do it! The world needs more of you.

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