Love Yourself Before You Love Anyone Else

“The love you seek is seeking you at this moment.”
– Deepak Chopra

What kind of love do you most seek? What does this love look like for you?

Our capacity to love is dependent on how much we love ourselves. Our heart can only love what it practices on a daily basis. Many times we believe we really do love ourselves, usually we do. There are different forms of love within ourselves as well.

I personally have struggled with the concept of what does it mean to love myself. It is not something that is tangible. It is not something that is measurable so how can I improve how much I love myself. Being South Asian, there has a history of repressed emotions. This is changing over time as people become more aware of themselves and others around them. This background does further support the notion that I didn’t know how to love myself more.

The steps that I took in order to develop a deeper capacity of love for myself were

1. I developed a clear picture of how I wanted to feel when I fully love myself. I did this through meditation and the feeling of love.

2. I developed a daily list of gratitude for aspects of myself. The list included things I am proud of, achievements and successes I had.

3. I used affirmations like “I am in the process of  loving myself, wholly and completely.” The process of loving myself wholly and completely, allowed me to recognize signs of how I am loving myself.”

Describe for yourself what does love look like for you?

Be in the energy of love each day, every day.