Regrets? (how to move forward)

Looking back. Regrets. Moving forward.

How often are you looking back at life and thinking “what if?”
What if you had made a decision to stay?
What if you had taken the other job?
What if you hadn’t moved?
What if… {fill in the blank}?

It is one of those things that we all ponder. Would our lives really have been different if we hadn’t made that decision? Would our lives have been different if we had taken a different action? Would we be happier?

The past is the past. It has happened already. Newsflash…it doesn’t affect your present or your future. Each morning you wake up, you start with a blank slate. It is really your decision as to what you want to create each and every moment.

If you live in the past and the what if’s, you will stay stuck.

How comfortable are you being stuck? What is the pain giving you? Is it giving you a sense of peace that you survived? Is it giving you a sense of satisfaction that you are messed up as everyone else around you? Is it allowing you to fit in when other’s are complaining?

Well what if that isn’t serving you anymore? What if, you are ready to thrive and soar? You have the right to start your life over and over again each and every day. It is about taking a few moments at the end of the day to forgive for any where you have wronged someone or they have wronged you, it is about being grateful for everything you have and acknowledging how you are special and showed up by being you.

Start each morning with intentions of how you want your day. That is where the strength in spiritual practice is…starting life over, over and over again each and every day.

This ties into how you show up in every area of your life. If you show up in a place of feeling light and free, you will soar and thrive in all areas.

Are you ready to thrive and soar?

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Love and light,