From vacation to reality

From vacation to reality

When on vacation, how do you view life?

How do you view your day to day life?

As the complete coconut or the one that has all the coconut water and sweet coconut meat to enjoy? (please excuse the quality of the pictures-there was a camera incident at the beach;)





If we look at the whole coconut, what do you see? Do you know the benefits and the joys you will get by breaking into it?

Ever think if we always viewed life from vacation mode or as the open coconut, how much more fun we would have?

You could constantly be on an adventure, exploring and creating magical experiences.

What adventure do you want to create for yourself today, this week and even in this month? Yes in your day to day life:)

Take a deep breath and call in the energy of vacation mode. How does it feel?

It can be that easy to enjoy life to the fullest, to have fun and laugh.

What is one thing you can do in your day to day that you would do on vacation mode?

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